Murphy Bed Wallbed Systems Manufactured By SICO

Sico Wallbeds for Timeshares

Maximize Your Revenue

In today's timeshare environment, properties must be able to market themselves to different size groups. Timeshare properties need the ability to create more sleeping capacity for larger groups with added flexibility of selling units that sleep 4, sleep 6, or even sleep 8 accommodations. In today's competitive environment, properties must also be able to market their vacation experience to a diverse clientele base. Sico's 24/7, Eurobed, and Room Maker® wallbed systems can solve these problems.

Develop Higher Income With The Sico Suite®

The Sico Suite® can be the connecting room of a 3-bedroom unit. This room has the capability of being marketed by the property in many different ways:

  1. A one room unit that can sleep 4-5
  2. A living room/entertainment room
  3. A meeting room by day and bedroom by night

The Days of the Uncomfortable Sofa/Sleeper are Over

Sico, the industry leader in wallbeds, introduces a giant leap forward in multi-use furniture technology. The Sico 24/7 Wallbed System combines the traditional sleeping comfort of a real bed with the multi-functional benefits of a real sofa. This unique Wallbed System features the sleeping comfort of a conventional mattress and European-style arched steam bent slats that adjust to the body's contours. To make use of the 24/7, remove the seat and back cushions from the sofa, rotate the wallbed leg and then pull down the wallbed. Instantly, the room has the capacity to sleep two more guests in a bed with a traditional innerspring mattress. It's as easy as 1...2...3!

Marketing Flexibility

Traditional guestrooms are highly inflexible because they can only be used for sleeping. Although four people can sleep in a conventional room with two beds, 80% of the time the second bed is never used.

With a Sico 24/7 Wallbed System the room now has the capability of being marketed by the property in many different ways:

  • Bedroom
  • Dayroom
  • Stand-alone unit
  • A living room/entertainment room

Lodging Professionals Stand By Sico

Professionals in the lodging industry have mentioned the following reasons to use Sico multi-use products in today's competitive Hospitality climate:

  • Marketing Flexibility: Traditional guestrooms are highly inflexible. If every other room in a property is convertible, management has the opportunity to rent out every room in multiple ways.
  • Increased Income Potential: Rooms with Sico products can rent for top dollar because guests like them better than conventional rooms. Often, these rooms are larger with more amenities and higher occupancies.
  • Increased Profits: A convertible room can produce a third more revenue than a conventional room and much of the added rental is profit. Labor costs are also lowered by not having to move furniture in and out of a room.
  • Adaptable to Families: Sico convertible rooms are also adaptable to families and weekenders, and can accommodate more guests per room.
  • Customer Satisfaction: Sico Wallbeds and Wall Systems feature the comfort of a real bed - there's no need to discount or apologize for a Sico room.