Murphy Bed Wallbed Systems Manufactured By SICO

Sico Wallbeds for Residential Use

Transform Any Room Into a Living Space by Day and Sleeping Space by Night

Now you can enjoy two rooms in the space of one with a sleek, multi-functional wallbed from Sico. Whether a home, apartment, or condominium, a genuine Sico wallbed can be the perfect way to add more usable living space without compromising comfort, quality, or design.

There's a Sico Wallbed That's Right for Your Home

Two distinctive models of wallbeds are available - the Sico Eurobed Wallbed System, and the Sico Room Maker® Wallbed. Both are fully-adjustable, so they operate with ease, regardless of the weight of bedding used. The pivot points on Sico Wallbeds also ensure that your sleeping comfort isn't compromised by placing the head of the wallbed far back inside the cabinetry. With Sico Wallbeds, you never have to worry about sleeping "in the box".

Both wallbeds have a face panel which becomes a finished wall panel when the bed is raised which eliminates the need for cumbersome fold-out doors. Most importantly, both are built to Sico's uncompromising standards. They are so well made and easy to operate that they are the wallbeds of choice by major US Hotel chains.

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