Murphy Bed Wallbed Systems Manufactured By SICO

Sico Wallbeds for Fire Stations

Sico Wallbeds Offer Fire Stations Convertable Space

Sico Room Maker® wallbeds can allow each individual on duty to have a larger and more comfortable room. Raising up the Sico wallbeds that aren't being used gives everyone plenty of room. Fire Station Dormitory Ordering Guide

Convertible Firestation rooms offer open, usable space for training, exercise, and recreation. In addition to wallbeds, each person can have an individual locker supplied by Sico that includes both a wardrobe and drawer combination. The Sico Room Maker® wallbeds contain both a conventional mattress and a boxspring.

Please contact SICO to receive a Free Space Analysis Firestation CAD Drawing for your facility.

Room Drawings for Fire Stations