Murphy Bed Wallbed Systems Manufactured By SICO

The Sico Suite ®

Maximize Revenue with a Sico Suite®

A Sico Suite® can generate more revenue than the conventional guestroom, and occupancies are higher. A Sico Suite® rents for top dollar. Guests prefer them over conventional rooms because they offer more flexibility. As a result both gross revenue and profits are higher. Conventional meeting rooms only produce revenue during the day. A Sico Suite® offers higher income potential by allowing the rooms to be used 24 hours a day.

The Sico Suite® can be the connecting room between a 3-bedroom suite. The Sico Suite® accommodates the varied meeting needs for a property:

  • A professional meeting room by day
  • A hospitality or entertainment room by day or night
  • The Sico Suite® expands your meeting and sleeping room capacity

Sico has a space analysis staff that will design wallbeds into your space. Please contact us for your free space analysis service.

Click to view a CAD drawing comparing a typical hotel room vs. a Sico Suite®