Murphy Bed Wallbed Systems Manufactured By SICO

The Sico Room Maker® Wallbed System

Function, Style, Design Flexibility

Enjoy two rooms in the space of one with a multi-functional wallbed system from Sico. Whether a home, apartment, or condominimum, a Sico wallbed is the perfect way to add more usable living space.

The Room Maker® wallbed offers the sleeping comfort you or your guests will enjoy - a conventional mattress plus a standard boxspring. Six bed sizes are available - twin to king. The slanted, padded headboard is a delight for reading, dining, or watching TV in bed. Room Maker® wallbeds offer quality bedding from Sico or a boxspring and mattress of your choice.

The Room Maker® wallbed raises and lowers with just a fingertip's pressure, regadless of the bed size. When lowering, Sico's exclusive "Power-Pak" mechanism works in conjunction with a heavy-duty cam, compressing a high-strength spring to lower the bed frame/mattress with ease. Raising the bed returns the spring to its normal size (which eliminates stretching fatigue normally caused with expansion springs). This unique mechanism gives almost effortless control - even with a king-size bed!

Exclusive Room Maker® Design Features
  • A real mattress and boxspring
  • Powerpak/cam unit - Raises and lowers of bed with the touch of a finger tip.
  • The wallbed of choice by major hotel chains

Sico also offers you the opportunity to select the bed face and cabinetry colors that best fit with your home decorating style and existing furnishings:

High Pressure Laminates
Standard colors: Banister Oak, Fusion Maple, Wild Cherry, Frosty White, Natural Almond, or Black
(Contact Sico for current color list)
The Sico Amesbury Wallbed comes in a traditional styled cabinet of oak or maple wood veneer and an applied wood moulding.
The Sico Masterpiece Wallbed comes in a traditional styled cabinet of raised panel solid cherry and dovetailed cherry drawers.
Sico can build any of the wallbed systems above, or one can be custom designed by Sico's space analysis department to meet your design requirements. Custom cabinetry may also be implemented using the wallbed mechanism. Please contact Sico for details.

Standard Features
  • The Sico Room MakerŪ fastens to the floor or wallmount and operates independently of the cabinets or walls around it
  • Bed comes completely out of the recess for sleeping
  • The face panel becomes a finished wall panel when the bed is raised. No doors to bother with
  • The Room MakerŪ has an out-of-sight mechanism and springs. Nothing mechanical is ever seen in normal use
  • The box spring is attached to the bed frame, and the mattress is secured to the boxspring with a Velcro mattress strap - permanently positioned
  • Handles double as leg support. Or, you can use bed face molding as legs and handles (custom)
  • The unique "Power Pack" system aids in raising/lowering the bed. When the bed is lowered to the floor, the springs inside the power packs are compressed. When raising the bed, the springs expands back to their original position. Unlike a tension spring which fatigue's over time, this technology ensures that the compression springs are never fatigued by stretching
  • Six bed sizes - twin to king.

Room MakerŪ Side-Fold Also Available

The Room MakerŪ Side-Fold is ideal when ceiling heights or soffits are an issue:

  • Side-fold style with full face panel
  • Conventional box spring and mattress
  • Durable steel bed frame
  • Handles are also bed feet
  • Coil compression mechanism
  • Bolted to floor - pivots at floor level
  • Fully adjustable bed mechanism allows for precise tension adjustments
  • Twin, Twin XL, Double, Double XL & Queen Sizes available