Murphy Bed Wallbed Systems Manufactured By SICO

The Sico 24/7 Wallbed System

Generate Profits and Revenue "24/7"

The Sico 24/7 Wallbed combines the comfort you'd expect of a real sofa together with the sleeping pleasures of a real bed. This unique wallbed system is excellent for timeshares, hotels, condos or any other property where space might be limited, but the need for comfort can't be compromised.

The Sico 24/7 Wallbed System allows you to maximize your seating and sleeping areas for each room. Its flexibility gives you the ability to choose a finish and fabric to match the decor of your property.

The Transition From Sofa to Bed is as Easy as 1...2...3
  1. Remove cushions. Seat cushions fit conveniently under the sofa for out of the way storage.
  2. Rotate leg. Rotating the leg keeps the bed frame off the sofa when the bed is down and secures the mattress to the frame when the bed is up.
  3. Pull down bed. Sico wallbeds easily operate with fingertip pressure.

Standard choices for the Sico 24/7 Wallbed System include:

  • Bed mounted to floor or wall with or without side cabinetry
  • 6 headboard vinyl colors
  • 6 paint frame colors
  • 16 wood stain options
  • 6 standard laminate choices
  • 3 bed sizes
  • 5 sofa styles
  • 12 standard sofa fabrics
  • Conventional Sico mattress or mattress of your choice
  • Optional extended lighted header available.

Standard sofa choices:




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