Murphy Bed Wallbed Systems Manufactured By SICO

SICO Wallbeds and Functional Furniture

Turn the rooms you have into the space you need

For over 35 years, Sico wallbeds have been turning one room into two, helping customers to maximize the use of their space. Sico wallbeds give you the sleeping comfort of a conventional bed - you can enjoy sleeping on one of them every night - or offer your guests the sleeping comfort they want:

  • SICO Wallbeds offer you exceptional sleeping comfort
  • The Sico Eurobed features the sleeping comfort of a conventional mattress and European-style arched steam bent slats that adjust to the body's contours
  • The Sico Room Maker® features the comfort of a standard mattress and traditional box spring

With a Sico Wallbed (unlike a Murphy Bed or Murphy Wallbed), you never have to apologize to your guests. Sico Eurobed Wallbeds feature a traditional innerspring mattress, while the Sico Room Maker® Wallbed features both a boxspring and mattress. Sico's innovative design and detailed engineering has helped it become the industry leader in Wallbeds, Wallbed Systems, and multi-use rooms.

Wallbed Installation Video

View a step by step installation of a SICO ROOMAKERS® Wallbed.